Things I Draw When I’ve Had a Few

I got back from the Annecy festival a few weeks ago.. don’t have any Deep Thoughts but a couple of film recommendations and some sketches.

On the whole I found the films kind of a let down (I’ll never brag about having film in Annecy again.. ) but it was worth it for one film, I think the best short film I’ve ever seen: Skhizein, which won the audience award. Very funny for 10 minutes, then turned suddenly incredibly sad; on a rare subject, and I’m still thinking about it weeks later. Catch in on the festival circuit if you possibly can; I suppose it will come out on the ‘net when it’s done touring. Also excellent was the feature Peurs du Noir. Not normally much of a horror fan but really inventive graphics in this one:

Anyways we all really go to Annecy to drink and socialize and stock up on graphic novels at the fabulous comic shops, all of which activities I thoroughly covered. Having a glass of wine or ten with fellow-Narnian Caroline, I couldn’t help noticing how ideal her features are for fast drawing; and then there was a random guy sitting behind her with classic French-comic-book-hero chiseled cheekbones, so I drew this:
fee et brooding 1
And then I thought, obviously, HOW MUCH COOLER, not to mention more French-comic-booky it would be, if Caroline was a fairy:
fee et brooding 1
and Mr Brooding noir hero could solve crimes featuring ogres and witches, but dark! and French! and brooding! It looked pretty fantastic on a bottle and a half of cheap red and a week’s all-graphic-novel-and-animation diet.

I promised Caroline I’d put it up so here it is… I was kind of fancying mocking a cover up in colour, because that’s the sort of thing I waste my time on, but I’m shockingly paralyzed by the death of my Toshiba tablet. I’m a lot more dependent on Photoshop than I’d really like for polishing stuff. No one seems to make tablet PCs with decent graphics cards anymore so I’m ogling Cintiqs now, which I can’t really justify as I’d mostly use it for doing things like covers for imaginary comic books.

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  • You’re here! I tried to access this site a couple of days ago, but it was down. :(

    Heh. Noir. Love noir. Finals this week and next, then a couple of weeks or so off, if you feel like throwing up some rough noir stuff (hint-hint!)…

    Between school, work, computer problems (get the Cintiqs, you can always update your portfolio you know) etc., “Trains” is really acting like a dysfunctional train system, isn’t it?

    So, is this French noir guy who fights ogres and witches working with the fairy, or are they destined to meet up during a case? That’s how Melrose Plant started hanging out with Richard Jury, you know (Martha Grimes’s Richard Jury series, which got a little too dark for my taste when it dealt with snuff films).

    Had a bad infection in my toe. Got the Red Line of Blood Poisoning and sat at emergency for five hours with the autistic thirdborn, who weathered it pretty well. Must’ve been the addition of Fluoxitine to his medicinal cocktail. Anyway, toe’s on the mend, medicine is taken regularily (with food), and the husband and daughter ought to be back from their half of the family vacation by Friday.

    Sure have missed you!

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