Just a few ponies from a sketching/walking expedition.. some bunnies and deer, too, but they were a bit shy.
pony sketch
pony sketch
pony sketch

  • Y’know, I look at these drawings and they seem so easy – but then I try to do them and it’s a real labor to look only a quarter as good. I’m continually amazed.

  • I take care of my sisters horses and have many photographs of them and many hilarious stories about them. If you ever did a horse cartoon
    I would love to share them with you for nothing in return except for those horses deeds and names to be never forgotten. One horse I take care of now has 2 sets of bells she rings when she is happy. She seems to undertand every word spoken to her.

  • Hello again. I love your drawings of horses. I feel that the pony breeds are the nicest to look at and draw. Ponies often are much more clever that horse breeds because so many of them are allowed to run free in large areas and have a larger gene pool. My favorite breed is the Connemara. Many artists prefer to draw like you have done, in person rather than from a photograph. The New Forest is a good place to see
    ponies. I am sure there are Connemara farms around London otherwise a
    trip to Ireland would offer you a chance to see them running free.

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