Some Victorian costume sketches

Man, I need to put some posts up here more often.. consumed by the comic!!

Speaking of the comic.. the only time I seem to sit peacefully and draw these days is on airplanes, also the only time I seem to watch movies! I caught Young Victoria a few weeks ago on a flight to Canada, and got a bunch of valuable 1840s costume notes.. they managed to make the clothes not quite as hideous as the fashion of that period actually was, which is a pretty spectacular trick. Click for larger.


Also a spectacular trick is that I was able to do drawings at all, as I was clutching my pencil in a tightly clenched, shaking fist.. I hate flying!

  • 1830s – 1860s – yup, a *particularly* hideous age sartorially, and the appearance of new chemical dyes in the 1850s gave ever easier vent to bad taste. Things only got better in the 70s/80s with the bustle – though I was dismayed to find out, acto one historical account, that the bustle was an insidiously racist+sexist garment – seen at the time as a way of giving white women the supposed generosity of behind only found in black female slaves. Yikes.

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