Till the Cows Come Home

Here’s some of my notes on four-legged walks (our feature animal: COWS!) for a class I’m teaching at the Animation Workshop, for those who might find it useful– as always, study as much as you can from reference and understand WHY the action is as it is.

  • Congratulations for your notes on animal anatomy and locomotion, for the few that i know it seems accurate and it’s very handy. It was exactly the kind of studies i was looking for: precise and illustrated notes without all the technical terms and the veterinarian point of view. I hope you will be doing some others of that kind !

  • I must insist. You are really a polymath in a state of denial!! Ok. I’m awre that, as an animator, you are expected to study of animal movements, but you went deep in the subject, in the very way (analytical approach) a scientist would. When I see your drawings and sketches, Da Vinci ones come to my mind. Congratulations!

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