Daily Animal Warmups, Alphabetical. At A-To-Zoo.

Just started these but finding them relaxing!

  • Of course you are amazing! I have found pics of cats for anatomy from your tutorial. I foster for a local shelter. I happen to be a Chiropractor and interested in all gaits besides human.
    I had wikipedia’d you to find out your amazing knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology.I did not really say much of how you started, but the many films you contributed to. KUDOS!

    I am just a small person in the universe to give you a “Shout Out” !!!! …that I enjoyed your tutorials. The energy of movement flows through your teachings.

    Most things I read use many adjectives to describe a scene , a reaction , movementetc. Your techniques that you translate on paper create life without the mumbo jumbo. And, your passion shines through each drawing that you transfer from your soul to paper.

    Thank you for sharing such wonderful talent !

  • Your drawings are lovely, and engaging and intriguing and funny and educational. Thank you for sharing.

  • I would never normally track down a website to leave a comment (I’m pretty old and not that into modern Difference Engines 😉 ) but I have just finished The Thrilling Adventures of LOVELAND and BABBAGE and absolutely LOVED it. You are a genius both with pen and concept-defining. Thank you so much. (And I am loving your website too – the dormice are to die for.)

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