Sydney Padua is an animator, story artist, and tiresome bore who can generally be found making giant monsters appear to attack people for the movies. Her official website in that capacity can be found here. She started drawing comics by accident and is still trying to figure out how to stop.

She was born to a Canadian mother and Argentinian father; and grew up partly in Mexico City, partly on the Canadian prairie, and partly in Narnia. After studying the noble art of theatre at the University of Alberta she sold out to The Man and spent her 20s in the fleshpots of Hollywood, drawing by hand 24 drawings for every single second of memorable classics as The Iron Giant, as well as many other films best forgotten about. She was eventually dragged backwards, complaining loudly, into computer animation, and now rejoices in the title of Visual Effects Artist. 

She is writing this in the third person because that seems to be the convention about these things. It feels awkward so I'm going to stop now.

I'm extremely married and live in London, England. Sometimes I keep pet mice. Sometimes there are freelance mice about too.

If you feel like dropping me a line with obscure Charles Babbage trivia or offers of untold wealth, use the contact form below.

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