Ada Lovelace (aka Augusta Ada King nee Byron, Countess of Lovelace)

Daughter of the notorious poet Lord Byron, she was raised by wolves mathematicians so that her volcanic passions would not spiral out of control. True story! She is now locked in a perpetual battle with the Mysteries of the Universe, bugs in her code, and her not-quite-under-control poetry addiction.

She smokes a pipe in the comic because it's the sort of thing Victorian crime-fighting bipolar calculating machines are wont to do.


Charles Babbage

The celebrated Professor Babbage, Lucasian Mathematics Chair and inventor of the computer, can generally be found tinkering with gears, fighting street musicians, spouting positivist bombast, inventing things, and making the world ever more efficient and freer of error.

Unlike the mercurial, mysterious Lady Lovelace, the real Charles Babbage is an open book-- this book, as a matter of fact. His rambling autobiography reveals him as a mix of Mr Pickwick, Mr Toad, Don Quixote and Leonardo Da Vinci and will make you his helpless slave.





Isambard Kingdom Brunel

The Wolverine of the mid-Victorians, he was short, ripped, had big sideburns, smoked forty cigars a day and generally kicked everyone's ass.

He is responsible for any gigantic iron structures littering the landscape, including the structural engineering of the Difference Engine.

He had a brief walk-on part in the first comic and instantly became everyone's favorite. His tshirts outsell the protagonists' by an order of five to one, a sad testament to the triumph of sex appeal over mathematics.







The Duke of Wellington (and Copenhagen)

is Prime Minister instead of Robert Peel in this comic because of his superior bone structure and entertainment value. He is inseparable from his horse, the famous and sagacious Copenhagen.










Queen Victoria

is a Virgin Queen in the Pocket Universe, like Elizabeth the 1st. Like her real-Universe counterpart, she plans to TAKE OVER THE WORLD.











Minion the Footman

is looking for a better situation. Do you know anyone who wants a good footman?



Sydney Padua is a animator and insufferable know-it-all, generally employed in making giant monsters appear to be attacking people in movies. She started drawing comics by accident and is still trying to figure out how to stop.


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