Ada Lovelace Day 2017!


Gooood morning, it’s Ada Lovelace Day! This comic started on Ada Lovelace Day 2009 so every year I celebrate/mourn/as myself “what happened there?” with.. gifs! Feel free to share! In a couple of gif sizes for all your gif needs!       (Good job I’m not looking for 2d animation work for lo these…

Sexy! Lovelace and Babbage Coming to your screens-

This entry is part 12 of 12 in the series Meanwhile..

This entry is part 12 of 12 in the series Meanwhile..This is an emergency broadcast from 2dGoggles- Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage (the historical ones, or at least a different interpretation of the historical ones) apparently will make a  appearance in the tv show Victoria TONIGHT on ITV in the UK- available also online. Synopsis: Having…

The Copenhagen Interpretation, Part One!


It has been observed in a vacuum, that comics spontaneously and randomly disappear, and then equally inexplicably reappear. Please enjoy the following fluctuation. Ladies and gentlemen,the graphical web post you are about to read was not photographed in a studio. There are 8,674,256 stories in the naked city now, and this hasn’t even been one…

UK Paperback coming next week!


  Greetings faithful Lovelace and Babbagians, those of you in Greenwich Mean Time will shortly have the chance to feast your eyes on the beautiful paperback edition of The Thrilling Adventures, check it out-   And look what all these lovely people say on the back! No plans for a paperback in the US as…

Eisner Nominations!


Today (assuming I write this post quickly enough, Greenwich Mean Time) is the one-year anniversary of the publication of The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage. So it is extra-gobsmackingly amazing to be able to announce that is has been nominated for two Eisner Awards: Best New Graphic Album and Best Writer/Artist. It’s fairly obvious…

Ada Lovelace 200!


It’s Ada Lovelace’s 200th birthday! I’ve spent the last couple of days at the truly extraordinary concatenation of gigantic intellects, Byron scholars and mathematics professors, computer scientists and composers, that was the Oxford Ada Lovelace Symposium. A fuller report to come when I’ve recovered from all the emotions and the Balliol dinner but you can…

Goodreads Nomination and Some N


I’m THRILLED to announce that The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage has been nominated for the Goodreads Choice Graphic Novel category. I’m in amongst some of the most distinguished, fabulous, and huge names in comics so this is a truly extraordinary moment for me and this little strange semi-existent comic. Lovelace & Babbage has…

Happy 200th Birthday George Boole!


In honour of Boole’s 200th, here’s his episode in the Thrilling Adventures! 1. Boole is someone I’ve shamefully neglected making fun of in this comic. He was a rather obscure professor of mathematics in Cork, Ireland, son of a housemaid and a cobbler, with a pleasant story of self-made modest success. He was born the…

Ada Lovelace Day is coming up!


Hello Folks! Popping my head above the parapet to remind you that it’s Ada Lovelace Day on Tuesday! It’s a big festival of blogging, tweeting, think-piecing, and taking about inspirational women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and you can see all the events here. I personally will be in person at Ada Lovelace Day…

The Marvellous Analytical Engine- How It Works


Hi All! As promised: Babbage’s Analytical Engine, how the heck did it work? If you’re new to this website, you may be only dimly aware of Charles Babbage’s marvellous yet mysterious Analytical Engine, the first design for a real computer, from the 1840s. It had programs, memory, cycles, loops, and all sorts of computery things despite…

The Analytical Engine In Glorious Technicolour!


Greetings long-suffering readers (and new soon-to-be-sufferers)! If you have been feeling deprived of Lovelace & Babbage news for lo these many months, rejoice! as you are in fact soon to find yourself heartily sick of this comic Graphic Novel. Over the next couple of weeks I find myself in little short of a Media Blitz quite enough…

London Launch at GOSH! Comics on April 30th!


Come one come all! The UK launch and signing for The Thrilling Adventures, social event of the season, will be at GOSH! Comics, the fabulous chamber of wonders and consumer of wallets conveniently located in the middle of salubrious Soho. It shall be on Thursday April 30! It would be great to meet my loyal…

T-One Month to Launch!

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Howdy folks from your highly defatigable Comics-Mine Labourer and Over-Employed Giant-Monster Wrangler! The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage launches in EXACTLY ONE MONTH!!??! (how did that happen?) and all kinds of things are going on! The papery thing will finally be holdable for your physical manifestation on the 21st of April, I guess I should arrange…

Book Tour, UK Publishers, Pretty Stars, Giant Monsters!


I can’t recall why I made this gif of Lovelace and Babbage as penguins a while back but it seems it set some spheniscidaelian vibes into the atmosphere because The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage, papery edition, is now being published in the UK by Particular Books Penguin! An imprint which is officially described…

Ada Lovelace Bicentenary Year!


That’s right folks! If Ada Lovelace owes you money that’s just too bad because she was born 200 years ago on December 10th, 1815! There are lots and lots of THRILLING celebrations and events in the planning, many of which feature (naturally) ME, so stay tuned for dates and announcements and Lovelacey goodness this year.…

Happy Babbage’s Birthday Everybody!


Happy (ever so slightly belated in the UK as I post this) Babbage’s Birthday everyone! I know everyone’s favourite part of the annual celebrations is the Numbers Banquet and the Parade of Algorithms, but for the TRUE MEANING of Babbage’s Birthday you ought to rejoice in the Mechanism Sermon, herein… Sorry about the rambling, total…

On My Comics Career (So Far)


It’s Tshirt Time Again!


So I have approximately 47 items on my todo list marked URGENT!! and my inbox zero status is at inbox +63 so naturally it’s time to mess around with tshirt designs! This year I’m doing something a bit different, I’ve always wanted to do a screenprint which is nicer but that takes, like, work and planning…

Brunel Paper Dolls! And Some Documents of Interest


Though I am not swift, never say I am indifferent to the plaintive cries of my loyal long-suffering remaining shreds of readers! With GREAT SUFFERING and much against my inclinations, I drew you a Brunel paper doll- clicky for printable size. To go with your paper dolls, you will of course be wanting some primary…

Happy Ada Lovelace Day 2014!


Happy Ada Lovelace Day people! Every day is Ada Lovelace Day here at 2dgoggles, if you’re new to the site you’re probably looking for Lovelace: The Origin! Which is a brisk introduction to Lovelace and what she’s all about. The FIRST thing I should say is that the gif above is totally wrong, the programming…