The Lovelace and Babbage Paper Dolls I’m Sure You Wanted


Thank you so much for all the kind words about the book! It’s good to be back! And there is as of yet no angry mob of Organist diehards gathered neath my window! In gratitude, I know if there’s one aching need in your lives that’s unfulfilled right now, it’s.. PRINTABLE LOVELACE AND BABBAGE PAPER…



So the BOOK IS DONE! Okay, done-ish. Mostly done! Approaching done parameters. As you can see, I’m currently working on covers, because they didn’t like the stark white one with “No image available” on it as a post-modern exploration of ‘coverness’ over at Pantheon. Philistines!   Dang that’s freaky. Within the yet-to-be-determined covers you will find……

The Cruel Sea


  waaaait for it.. pics and the lowdown tomorrow! Back to webcomics soon! Yaaaay!

This Comic, Swallow You Whole


Yeaaaaaah.. it’s been a while! Suffice to say, yes I’m still working on The Book. It is loooong. Over 400 pages of comics! Analytical Engine diagrams such as have never been seen before! Footnotes, and footnotes to footnotes, and endnotes, and still more footnotes! But take cheer, me hearties, I do believe that is land…

Ada Lovelace Day 2013!


Happy Ada Lovelace Day everybody! If you’re new to this blog, you will probably want to start with Lovelace: The Origin, so you know who everybody is. The last couple of Ada Lovelace Days I wrote about a few other women around our heroine, but today I want to come back to Lovelace herself. You…

Edinburgh Fringe!

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  Heeeey folks it’s your friendly neighbourhood masked cartoonist, still drawing feverishly on The Book, swinging by to remind you all of Lovelace and Babbage vs The Organist THE LIVE STAGE SHOW EXPERIENCE, all this week at the Edinburgh Fringe! Reviews are out, FOUR STARS! and I must say they seem to have captured the comic…

3D Goggles!


Sorry for the silence, good peoples.. I’m wading with Grim Purpose through the mires of book-making. I’ve always had a hard time drawing Babbage on-model, so I finally made a maquette! Some process (I’m using SuperSculpy, for the interested): PROTIP: When sculpting a maquette, FIRST affix the armature to a stand, THEN start sculpting! Because…

More Punchycards


A couple of weeks ago I made a quick impromptu trip up to the town of Macclesfield, just south of Manchester. I went to see this:   Now that’s an actual punchycard room! It’s the Paradise Silk Mills, which is more than worth a visit, if you’re nearby (call first though, their opening hours are…



A brief interview with one of our Stars from User Experience. Lets face it I just like drawing cats… Some real punchycards! I’ll tell you all about them in a few days.. Hope you all enjoyed User Experience– but enjoy it fast! As I’ll be pulling it offline in ONE WEEK! I need to preserve…

Happy Valentines Day!

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Late but in earnest as always.. a Babbage Valentine to complete the set with Lovelace and Brunel from last year. I can’t look into his eyes for too long, it gets unnerving.. Many thanks to @Suitov for the tagline, who won a short sharp twitter battle for comedy supremacy against many worthy opponents. Me I…

150 Years of the Underground vs the Mole Folk


Happy 150th Birthday London Underground! You great heaving wonderful signal-failuring engineering-worksing glorious mess you! For the occasion they ran a steam engine along part of the Hammersmith and City line and I got to go! Not, as you might think, in deference to my Victorian engineering comics fame, but on account of I won the…

Happy Holidays!


Click for full size!   Shamelessly ripped off of the First Christmas card, 1843:     Brunel connection! The guy who drew the card, John Horsley, was Brunel’s brother-in-law and close friend. He painted several portraits of him, this is the most Christmasy one on account of the red cheeks (of which Horsley seems to…



Sorry folks, looks like I need a new hard drive… and just back from Ireland and off to Denmark straight away for a couple of weeks, for my Celebrated Lectures on Bovine Locomotion as Interpreted by the Animation Artist, It’s Attendant Joys and Sorrows. Should have the ol’ machine up and running by then though…


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Apologises, my friends whose little faith is amply justified! No page today I’m afraid, I’m over the sea in Ireland experiencing technical difficulties.. In recompense you shall get THREE pages on Friday, as they are already drawn and eager to be posted on my return. Well it wouldn’t be 2dgoggles without disruptions to the continuum…

A Panorama!


Just a cool thing I thought I ought to share! If you’ve ever cast a glance at the ‘Donate’ button on the right yonder, you may have wondered if I spend the gratefully received monies on anything other than booze and dangerous men. I do indeed! I spend it additionally on my principle vice, OLD…

Ada Lovelace Day! With Special Guest Star Mary Somerville


Happy Ada Lovelace Day everyone! This is by way of being a national holiday here on 2dgoggles, as it roughly marks our inauguration– this quasi-comic was born three or so years ago (Ada Lovelace Day being a moveable feast) in celebration of and remembrance of Women in Technology. Before I get to our guest star,…

Ada Lovelace Day 2012 Coming Soon!


Howdy folks! Just returned from a sojurn in the woods of the Great White North, where I laboured like the noble Canadian beaver on The Book. You’re doubtless sick of my hinting that there will be comics soon, so, I will remain as silent as the tundra under a blanket of fresh snow on a…

Interlude: Queen Victoria’s VERY SECRET DIARY!


Just a quick squib of a comic in celebration of Queen Victoria’s Diaries, online! ALL TRUE! There could not possibly be a more typical Victorian document search result, I am in a position to tell you, than a Lovelace-shaped blank, and a nugget of Babbage comedy gold. On the User Experience comic front, we are…

The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage- BOOK!


This week (well, last week) marks the three-year anniversary of The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage. I hardly know whether it feels as though I’ve been drawing these forever, or if it’s impossible that I’ve been drawing them so long. What started as a punchline to a one-shot comic– hey, wouldn’t it be hilarious…



Just hold on a little longer!