It’s Tshirt Time Again!

So I have approximately 47 items on my todo list marked URGENT!! and my inbox zero status is at inbox +63 so naturally it’s time to mess around with tshirt designs!


This year I’m doing something a bit different, I’ve always wanted to do a screenprint which is nicer but that takes, like, work and planning and stuff. Well wonders of the tech age, Teespring will apparently take care of the faff– IF and ONLY IF enough shirts are reserved. (EDITED TO ADD: We’ve already cleared the bar for printing so there WILL be tshirts!), Here they are:

Classy monochrome!


Or Glorious Technicolor!


Both come in mens and womens cuts. Teespring doesn’t do mugs but it does make a fine mug, you can grab one at Zazzle UK or Zazzle US:



If you rejoice in living in Europe, it might be cheaper to go the ol’ reliable zazzle route for the shirts on account of the shipping costs, depends on what options you pick.. you might want to compare. Zazzle version (it looks a bit duller than it would when printed:


Lovelace and Babbage

Lovelace and Babbage by sydney_padua
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Posting more in a couple of days! It’s on my todo list!


  1. Nick Johnson on November 22, 2014 at 9:09 am

    (More topically: UK-based T-shirt duly ordered!)

  2. Nick Johnson on November 22, 2014 at 9:06 am

    Greetings, oh purveyor of fine and entertaining comics!

    I happen to be working on a small project involving IBM 80 column punch cards. I don’t suppose, in your travails, you’ve come across anyone who could produce new ones, with the chads pre-scored so as to reduce the need for an elaborate punching machine, have you?