IN WHICH is Introduced our Cast of Characters in an Instructive Biography of Ada, Countess of Lovelace. Formation of the POCKET UNIVERSE.
In 1 Part

IN WHICH an entirely unprecedented Crisis of Debt threatens the REALM and an Economic Model is constructed. With Appearance by the Celebrated Engineer Mr. I.K. Brunel.
In 3 Parts

enters Our Most Bountiful and Beneficent Monarch, Sovereign of the Sovereigns and Defender of the FUNDS, Her Majesty QUEEN VICTORIA
In 3 Parts

the Dauntless Duo confront the Scourge of ORGAN-ized Crime -- TERRIBLE SCENES of VICE and POETRY-- Appearance by Mr. Charles Wheatstone-- The Tele-Orchestri-Phono-Blasterion -- An EPIC ENTERTAINMENT
In 11 Parts

is contained a MISCELLANY of diverse instructive amusements and procrastinations.




-Lovelace: The Origin How it all began.. still my Greatest Hit
-Messing Around With Babbage and Lovelace Where I explain that I’m NOT DOING A COMIC
-Lovelace and Babbage vs the Economy Part One Where I do a comic
-Brunel, For No Reason Brunel for no reason and Babbage’s BRAAAAINS
-Lovelace and Babbage Vs the Economy Part Two I continue to not REALLY do a comic
-Analytical Interlude Gag breakdown breakdown; and my commenters are funnier than me
-Babbage Model Sheet This model sheet is now WAY off model
-Ada Model Sheet Ada still looks the same!
-Excuses, Excuses With small gag
-Lovelace and Babbage Vs The Economy Part 3 Still not doing a comic
-Important Research Expedition I go to a party, do some drawings, and discover The Organist
-Git Yer Tshirts Where I sell out.
-Metaphysical Speculations Into the Nature of This Comic or: Lovelace and Babbage Vs the Salamander People Profound insight into my meticulous story process
-The Person From Porlock Etude.
-Porlock Revisited I discover the Time Police and the pocket universe.  Now I want to do a Time Police comic where they ruin everything
-Babbage and Lovelace Vs The Client Part One This isn’t really a comic either
-Babbage and Lovelace in Glorious Technicolor BBC Techlab edition with additional footnotes
-Giant Monsters Another excuses post..
-Process How-not-to-draw-comics; and some of my most entertaining primary sources
-Lovelace and Babbage Vs the Client Part Two More comics..
-Miscellany This is my favorite primary source find– the most vivid of all period descriptions of Babbage, and his startlingly candid view of Lovelace. My personal Stafforshire hoard.
-Lovelace and Babbage Vs the Client Part Three Ta da!
-Thrilling Adventure! Treasure Discovered! I find a first edition of Babbage’s autobiography, and give it back, because I’M AN IDIOT
-Updatey UpdateMore excuses, not much here
-Steampunk in Oxford Links to the Oxford comic and your own cut-out-and-keep 2d goggles
-Ada Film Needs Your Support! I think it still does!
-The Style Edition My fashion agony.  Damn you ugly-ass 1830s!
-Happy Birthday Wallace and Gromit! With quite an ugly drawing, in retrospect
-Goodies and Giant Monsters Wallpapers
-Lovelace and Babbage Vs The Organist Part One This one is going to be like 10 parts long so get comfortable.
-Lovelace and Babbage vs the Organist Part Two. Is this the end of the quasiamicable pair?
-The Story My slideshow presentation on graphic storytelling for The Story, and a small strip
-Lovelace and Babbage vs The Organist Part 3
-Ada Lovelace Day– Are you READY? Plug for our founding institution
-Ada Lovelace Day 2010 - some hectic doodles, and introducing Eleanor Creesy, with airships potential.
Lovelace and Babbage Vs The Organist Part 4 Too late I realized this should be Lovelace and Babbage vs Organized Crime!
We Interrupt This Comic for Important Announcements Where my fan art outclasses my actual art. Glorious fan-made video!
Lovelace and Babbage vs The Organist, pt 5 — The Wonderland episode
We Interrupt This Comic Because I’m Really Distractable Yet another imaginary episode I have to do someday.. Super Spy Adventure, the Vigenere Code
The Usual Grovelling; Brunel Beefcake; Musical Tortures; Thaumatrope, and Caption! What it says on the tin.
Lovelace and Babbage vs the Organist, Pt 6 – Monkeys!
Giant Monster Attack. Again with the Monsters! My Day Job, an accurate visual representation.
Well It’s About Time. Day job ends, an accurate visual representation.
Lovelace and Babbage Vs The Organist, Pt 7 Normal service resumes, and by ‘normal’ I mean ‘slow and unpredictable’.
News, Thrills, Etc. Plan 28 and the Geek Calendar
Beam Us Up Star Trek themed wallpaper for
Lovelace and Babbage vs The Organist Part 8 Return of the Triads!
Mindless Consumerism New Tshirt: We Need Coffee
Lovelace and Babbage vs The Organist, Part 10 More monkeys! more mayhem! The 9th Bridgewater Treatise!
A Matter of Proportion Digression into proportion in character design, with Chibi Babbage and Lovelace
Merry Christmas! A little Christmas card and some festive primary sources.
Lovelace and Babbage vs The Organist Part 10 This really ought to have been the last part, but, it wasn’t.
Notes to Organist 10 I was too tipsy to post these when I posted the comic, so here they are instead.

— Lovelace and Babbage vs The Organist Part 11 The End. Whew!

Lovelace and Babbage vs The Organist Epilogue Did I say the end? Epilogue.

The Wider World  – Experimenting with background drawings beyond the vague squiggle.

Another Miscellany – Lovelace in dark glasses, some fanart, and instructions for making your very own Analytical Engine ASCII kitten!

Monsters, Monsters, You Know the Drill – I spent all weekend trying on metal bikinis, and it turns out they wanted me to play the Giant Monster!

Author, Author  — First appearance of George and the Giant Hand

The I Can’t Think Of A Title For This Post Post – One of these days I’m going to do a Lovelace and Babbage book. It will consist entirely of the posts where I apologize for not posting a comic, and it will be 300 pages long.

Talk To The Hand  – Isambard Kingdom Brunel VS The Giant Hand

A Short Ramble – Some thoughts on character design

Lovelace and Babbage The App! – Launch of the iPad app!

An Authorial Aside – A message to concerned comics citizens

Plans, Schemes, Vague Ideations — I intend to start on Vampire Poets

Vampire Poets, Prologue — In excruciating verse!

Vampire Poets Part 1 — Babbage and Broken Windows theory

Vampire Poets Part the Third – Erm, yes, this should be part the second. Yes, this is a comic about mathematics, shut up.

A Little Background – First attempts at 3d backgrounds for User Experience

A Little More User Experience – Some drawings of George, and a Difference Engine animation.