The Lovelace Adventures Pt 2

Whew! Sorry it’s a bit late, but just finished crunch last week, and this comic kind of ran away with me a little bit.. my Ada Lovelace Day contribution:

lovelace comic page one

lovelace page 2

To spare your bandwith, the rest is at the link below:

lovelace page 3

lovelace page 4

lovelace page 5

lovelace page 5

All true! Except for some bits. My entire knowledge of this comes from Wikipedia.

Commentor Terrence Eden asks: What is Ada Lovelace’s kryptonite?
The answer is, of course, poetry. And it is actually true that Charles Babbage devoted much of his time to an ill-advised campaign against street musicians, which resulted in him being followed by bands of angry organists playing continually outside his window.

Also, I THINK the RSS feed is fixed… I’m no Ada Lovelace, though, so let me know if it’s not!

EDITED so the post contains the complete comic..

36 Responses to “The Lovelace Adventures Pt 2”
  1. Kevin Marks says:

    This is excellent. I love it – “wait, this is a fan” had me giggling aloud with glee. I do hope you can continue their adventures…

  2. Brilliant! When do we get Lovelace and Babbage – the series?!

  3. Ruth Seeley says:

    I love this cartoon series. I was just looking at a book on Celtic music at a library sale yesterday and thinking I should buy it for my cousin, who has a Celtic band. Then my eye caught a line about the accordion being a ‘sexy’ instrument and had to leave the library quickly so I didn’t burst into hysterical laughter. So the bands of angry organists doesn’t surprise me a bit. In fact, it explains sooooo much. 😉 I mean, they teaching marching bands to march for a reason, don’t they?

  4. “This must be Twittered..”

    I will have you know that I hold you personally responsible for wetting myself ever so slightly.

    [Walks awkwardly off stage right]

  5. Suw says:

    “Wait, this is a fan.”


    Wonderful stuff, Syd. We want more!!

  6. Jeremy Keith says:

    This is absolutely wonderful! I love, love, LOVE IT!

  7. whump says:

    I am still doubled over, and laughing over the twitter gag. Thanks.

  8. Kim Bach says:

    This is great, thank you so much. AdaLovelaceDay09 was such an inspiration

  9. Twyst says:

    So. much. awesome!

  10. sporado says:

    Hey – that’s good! When does it hit the real media: print?!

  11. OK, now I have tears in my eyes from laughing. Eagerly awaiting a sequel :-)

  12. Laura says:

    Looooove this, can’t tell you how much! This is brilliant! Keep them coming, need more Ada adventures!

  13. Ceridwen says:


  14. Terence Eden says:

    If you haven’t already, I highly recommend reading The Difference Engine. It takes a look at an alternative history where – amongst other things, the Babbage Computer is ubiquitous.

    Also heavily features Ada Lovelace fighting crime. Well… Sort of…

  15. Deirdre says:

    Don’t worry — this WILL be twittered!

    And I AM a FAN!!!

    Do we get a longer version? Printed, maybe, so we can read by candlelight, if necessary? (the thunderstorms have been terrible today!)

    I LOVE it!!

    ~Deirdre (mary-j-59’s sister)

  16. Kate Knott says:

    Hey Sydney –

    The fan panel also had me giggling like a loon – brilliant!
    Just discovered your site – via BrianEyre…this is Kate (Attwooll as was – I used to work at Cinesite, now am in Sydney).

  17. Susan says:

    The adventures of Babbage and Lovelace could be better than Torchwood or Sanctuary. (Do you get Sanctuary in the UK?) I haven’t read The Difference Engine but I think Al loved it. Must get to steampunk soon, too many good books with vampires, ghosts, demons and angels getting in the way right now. Although I think Elizabeth Bear’s New Amsterdam qualified as vampire steampunk. (Excellent book; think you’d like it.)

  18. Kim says:

    I absolutely love the two Lovelace comics (my husband sent me the link).

    All I can say is “WANT MORE NOW!!”

    Honestly, you must provide more of this ASAP. I have subscribed to 2D googles in the hopes of finding more soon. Don’t disappoint me, please!!

  19. Liz says:

    OMG Perfect!! So perfect. Wait, this is a fan! And the pipe and blaster pistol. Oh, wow.

  20. BonnieBelle says:

    That’s freakin awesome!

  21. PK says:

    Wow, this is ace, simply ace!

  22. P-Chan says:

    Oh my gosh. That’s so awesome. I laughed so much at “Suddenly, there is a gaping hole in my life of which I was hitherto unaware.” I’m excited to read what you’ve written since then. ^_^

  23. Yola says:

    Brilliant comic Sidney !
    I love the drawings a s much as the idea and the humour
    really cool

  24. Invalid User says:

    Both street music and poetry are crimes against humanity that must be stopped.

    It is a shame that the government refuses to act!

  25. alex says:

    Frak! I shouldn’t drink my morning coffee while surfing as I nearly snorted it all over my screen laughing at this one! Fantastic. You’re a certified genius! No, truly…

    Anyway, just so you know, I popped by here after reading about you over on Tor Dot Com. And I’m so glad I did. Btw, I blogged about Lovelace & Babbage over on the Wry Writer web site, here:

  26. delirium says:

    I just stumbled over courtesy of your A Word A Day mention a few weeks ago. And, I’ve got to say, unreservedly, that I am in love after two strips (Economy and this one). The panel that sealed the deal for me is Ada in front of the silhouetted mathematicians (is that a nod to anime there? Eva, maybe? or more recently, Full Metal Alchemist) with pocket protectors glowing. Hollow- soul eyes and pocket protectors! Pocket protectors!! Brilliant.
    More, please.

  27. Carman Cumming says:

    Sorry I can’t approve of this strip. It is definitely frivolous and ahistorical. What Babbage and Lovelace MAY have done is an abstraction remaining a perpetual possibility only in the world of speculation.
    But PLEASE–send more!!!

  28. Jim Deakin says:

    I read this for the first time several weeks ago, and the ‘wait. this is a fan’ panel still creases me up.
    I have zero artistic judgement though, so disregard everything I say, except “could this make a T-shirt?”
    I like the I.K.Brunel T-shirts/mugs/etc too, but A.L.’s expressions on the above panel are priceless!!! (A figure of speech only, I have limited funds to allocate to casual wear… Unfortunately)

    I’ve been recommending the strip around though. It’s my current favourite!

    Waiting for the organist part 5…

  29. So they were inflamed organists?

  30. Len says:

    Fantastic! You must do Ted Codd, Grace Hopper to mention just two!

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