The Lovelace Adventures Pt 2

Whew! Sorry it’s a bit late, but just finished crunch last week, and this comic kind of ran away with me a little bit.. my Ada Lovelace Day contribution:

lovelace comic page one

lovelace page 2

To spare your bandwith, the rest is at the link below:

lovelace page 3

lovelace page 4

lovelace page 5

lovelace page 5

All true! Except for some bits. My entire knowledge of this comes from Wikipedia.

Commentor Terrence Eden asks: What is Ada Lovelace’s kryptonite?
The answer is, of course, poetry. And it is actually true that Charles Babbage devoted much of his time to an ill-advised campaign against street musicians, which resulted in him being followed by bands of angry organists playing continually outside his window.

Also, I THINK the RSS feed is fixed… I’m no Ada Lovelace, though, so let me know if it’s not!

EDITED so the post contains the complete comic..


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  • This is excellent. I love it – “wait, this is a fan” had me giggling aloud with glee. I do hope you can continue their adventures…

  • I love this cartoon series. I was just looking at a book on Celtic music at a library sale yesterday and thinking I should buy it for my cousin, who has a Celtic band. Then my eye caught a line about the accordion being a ‘sexy’ instrument and had to leave the library quickly so I didn’t burst into hysterical laughter. So the bands of angry organists doesn’t surprise me a bit. In fact, it explains sooooo much. 😉 I mean, they teaching marching bands to march for a reason, don’t they?

  • “This must be Twittered..”

    I will have you know that I hold you personally responsible for wetting myself ever so slightly.

    [Walks awkwardly off stage right]

  • Looooove this, can’t tell you how much! This is brilliant! Keep them coming, need more Ada adventures!

  • If you haven’t already, I highly recommend reading The Difference Engine. It takes a look at an alternative history where – amongst other things, the Babbage Computer is ubiquitous.

    Also heavily features Ada Lovelace fighting crime. Well… Sort of…

  • Don’t worry — this WILL be twittered!

    And I AM a FAN!!!

    Do we get a longer version? Printed, maybe, so we can read by candlelight, if necessary? (the thunderstorms have been terrible today!)

    I LOVE it!!

    ~Deirdre (mary-j-59’s sister)

  • Hey Sydney –

    The fan panel also had me giggling like a loon – brilliant!
    Just discovered your site – via BrianEyre…this is Kate (Attwooll as was – I used to work at Cinesite, now am in Sydney).

  • The adventures of Babbage and Lovelace could be better than Torchwood or Sanctuary. (Do you get Sanctuary in the UK?) I haven’t read The Difference Engine but I think Al loved it. Must get to steampunk soon, too many good books with vampires, ghosts, demons and angels getting in the way right now. Although I think Elizabeth Bear’s New Amsterdam qualified as vampire steampunk. (Excellent book; think you’d like it.)

  • I absolutely love the two Lovelace comics (my husband sent me the link).

    All I can say is “WANT MORE NOW!!”

    Honestly, you must provide more of this ASAP. I have subscribed to 2D googles in the hopes of finding more soon. Don’t disappoint me, please!!

  • OMG Perfect!! So perfect. Wait, this is a fan! And the pipe and blaster pistol. Oh, wow.

  • Oh my gosh. That’s so awesome. I laughed so much at “Suddenly, there is a gaping hole in my life of which I was hitherto unaware.” I’m excited to read what you’ve written since then. ^_^

  • Brilliant comic Sidney !
    I love the drawings a s much as the idea and the humour
    really cool

  • Both street music and poetry are crimes against humanity that must be stopped.

    It is a shame that the government refuses to act!

  • Frak! I shouldn’t drink my morning coffee while surfing as I nearly snorted it all over my screen laughing at this one! Fantastic. You’re a certified genius! No, truly…

    Anyway, just so you know, I popped by here after reading about you over on Tor Dot Com. And I’m so glad I did. Btw, I blogged about Lovelace & Babbage over on the Wry Writer web site, here:

  • I just stumbled over courtesy of your A Word A Day mention a few weeks ago. And, I’ve got to say, unreservedly, that I am in love after two strips (Economy and this one). The panel that sealed the deal for me is Ada in front of the silhouetted mathematicians (is that a nod to anime there? Eva, maybe? or more recently, Full Metal Alchemist) with pocket protectors glowing. Hollow- soul eyes and pocket protectors! Pocket protectors!! Brilliant.
    More, please.

  • Sorry I can’t approve of this strip. It is definitely frivolous and ahistorical. What Babbage and Lovelace MAY have done is an abstraction remaining a perpetual possibility only in the world of speculation.
    But PLEASE–send more!!!

  • I read this for the first time several weeks ago, and the ‘wait. this is a fan’ panel still creases me up.
    I have zero artistic judgement though, so disregard everything I say, except “could this make a T-shirt?”
    I like the I.K.Brunel T-shirts/mugs/etc too, but A.L.’s expressions on the above panel are priceless!!! (A figure of speech only, I have limited funds to allocate to casual wear… Unfortunately)

    I’ve been recommending the strip around though. It’s my current favourite!

    Waiting for the organist part 5…

  • Fantastic! You must do Ted Codd, Grace Hopper to mention just two!

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